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    It’s a simple 3-step process to upload your designs. Enter some brief information to help buyers find your stuff and upload your files. Easy!

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    You can be as passive or as active a seller as you wish. Thousands of people browse through our designs daily, so it’s not unusual to be a slacker and sell without really doing anything.

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    We pride ourselves on providing a passive income option for freelance designers. Turn your unused concepts into cash moneys. $$$

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Seller FAQ

Why Choose BrandCrowd?

First of all, look around. We’re the best. Second of all, we’ve been around a while and have a good reputation with the up-and-coming business scene. Word gets around about where companies get their prefab logos and that interest sells your designs consistently.

Is there a listing fee?

This could be a really short answer, but we’re going to draw it out into a long-winded answer so that this space doesn’t just say, “No.” It’s completely free to list your designs for sale on BrandCrowd. We don't make any money until you do, it’s that simple.

What is my commission on my sales?

As a BrandCrowd seller, you make 60% commission on all sales.

How do you protect my source files?

We verify each purchase on BrandCrowd manually to ensure that your files aren’t being purchased fraudulently. We don’t release your source files until we verify the buyer is legit. Also, if you ever experience a hard drive crash and lose your files locally, you can always contact us through your BrandCrowd account and we’ll deliver your uploaded files back to you.

How will I get paid for my sales?

You tell us how you want to get paid. You can choose from PayPal, Moneygram, Bank Check, and Bank Wire.

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