Logo Design - La Makan (lamakan.com)

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Logo Design - La Makan (lamakan.com)

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Yes: lamakan.com

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What does this mean?

In the designer's words:

The exact translation of this name in Arabic is "No Place". It can be used for an online business that provides virtual or place-independent services.
You can add a French flavor to the name by borrowing the French "La" making it translates to "The Place". It can also be used for a prestigious restaurant, bar, business hub or a social club/event.

The logo icon basically is an arrow pointing down with the cityscape/buildings silhouette that suggests "location" or "place"... on the other hand, it is also shaped like a fork which suggests that it is somewhere you can eat or find food, etc..

Because of the multi-nature of this name, I am including variations of the logo that might add more natural flow depending on the intended business.


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