Logo Design - arctic fox

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Logo Design - arctic fox

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Abstract circular shapes curve to form impression of a fox body. His stylized face rests on his tail. Arctic colors of soft grays and blues bring to mind his chilly and windy tundra environment.

keyideas: abstract, , arctic, blue, canine, cold, eyes, fox, fur, gray, hunting, swoosh, tail, tundra, wildlife, winter, antartica

This logo template is perfect for a broad range of businesses and industries: media firm, travel, multimedia production, web technology, video production, design, mortgage, insurance, software developer, app, digital media, consulting, financial, creative services, entertainment, media, development, internet, web, high tech, technology, digital, gaming, online games, app developer, wine, vineyard, tourism, country club, restaurant, lounge, engraving, executive consultants or investment firm, lawyer, marketing, wildlife preservation, air conditioning, cooling, outdoor recreation, recreational vehicle or rv sales and rental, thermal wear.


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alaska, arctic, canine, fox, eyes, tundra, winter, wildlife, antarctic, abstract