Logo Design - TitanCoverage.com

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Logo Design - TitanCoverage.com

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Is a Domain Name included?

Yes: titancoverage.com

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What does this mean?

In the designer's words:

TitanCoverage.com - "Life Proof Insurance". Titan Coverage immediately conveys something tough and secure. It's a fantastic brand for anything from electronics to life insurance.

Comes with the domain name TitanCoverage.com and the professionally designed logo.


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1. The logo you buy can only be sold one time, so it's yours and only yours.
2. We can customize any logo to show your company name. Just let BrandCrowd or the designer know what you want changed by clicking the "Customize" button before you buy.
3. Receive industry standard source files to use on websites, business cards, merchandise, and more!


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