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July’s round up is  dominated by the social networking big guns – Facebook and Twitter. Both face concerns about their future, as Facebook’s CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerburg feels the heat for the company’s slow performing share price. Over at Twitter, they say they are a media company that’s in the advertising business not a tech company ‘selling technology’ according to CEO Dick Costolo. But who will create the next Facebook or Twitter? For that answer Mashable published a compelling infographic showing who learning and technology are profoundly changing the classroom for today’s “tech generation”, including real time analytics tools for teachers to measure student performance.


  1. Internet blackout for thousands begins Monday
    Thousands of users, mostly in the United States, whose computers were infected by the DNSChanger malware may lose Internet Access when FBI shuts down temporary servers.
  2. Is Twitter a Media or Techonology Company?
    Twitter started out as a technology company, but is now being seen as a variation of both media and technology.
  3. Four Trends in The Public Technology Market
    A great analysis on the trends in the technology market in the past three decades.
  4. Tech Companies Leave Phone Calls Behind
    Calls may be deemed the easiest way for a customer to have an issue sorted but leading Social Technology companies do not have this service available for their users.
  5. 91% of Teachers Have Computer Access [INFOGRAPHIC]
    Utilizing technology in the classroom enhances the learning experience, as detailed in this infographic on the components of a 21st century classroom.
  6. I Took a Web Detour, and Now I Feel Better
    Taking a short break to do web detours may have a positive impact on one’s productivity.
  7. Facebook ‘likes’ and adverts’ value doubted
    Companies pay for their ads to get more ‘likes’ and get an audience on Facebook but majority of these ‘likes’ may have no value at all and do not come from actual users at all. This issue comes at a bad time for Facebook as it faces immense pressure to deliver on market expectations now it is a publicly listed company.


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